It has never been more important to ensure that your customers’ IT Infrastructure is managed to perfection as in today’s business time dependent business climate. What’s more, you need a fully detailed understanding of the impact of an outage on your customers’ business as well as the ability to manage the support process as well as service availability and performance.

This is where Comms-care’s Service Desk come in, we provide a scalable IT Service Desk designed to provide a 24/7 support to our customers. This ensures that processes can be easily streamlined through comprehensive service level management standards and effective controls for your customer’s critical service support and service delivery processes are in place as and when they are needed. 


Comms-care’s Service Desk has been developed over a number of years, in line with the support requirements of our channel partners and their customers. Constantly meeting the changing demands of today’s businesses, our Service Desk is on hand to meet our customers’ service and support requirements, whether that is a knowledge resource or supporting IT management, by providing you with a multi-vendor, multi-technology support environment.

Service and support management challenges
Keeping our customers connected with the network infrastructure is more complex than it has ever been; technology is constantly accelerating, infrastructure is converging and demands are changing as a customers’ business expands. This presents resellers with shorter timescales to manage service commitments, and provides customers with issues in managing support personnel and addressing governance issues.

Optimising service and support
Comms-care’s Service Desk addresses the challenges of managing customer’s extensive service and support requirements. With a comprehensive service management solution our Service Desk team are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to resolve faults and queries affecting your customers’ business.. Comms-care Service Desk is designed to provide a service and support solution that can grow in line with your customers’ network requirements. Comms–care supports channel partners across the UK and Ireland working alongside more than 600 channel partners which in turn support over 9000 end users resulting in the Comms-care Service Desk handling thousands of incidents and requests each year.

Incident management
All incidents raised through the Comms-care Service Desk are recorded immediately through our incident management system, incidents include faults, issues and errors affecting a customers’ network functionality. 


Key features of Incident management:


> Call logging facility on behalf of your customers.
> Al incidents are routed to the corresponding technical teams or individuals based on client and type.
> Full service level times and milestones recorded
> Time spent at each action and function logged
> Incidents are linked to known issues, change requests or errors across vendors and technologies.
> Software installed, hardware specifications and asset information are viewable through incident management.
> Checks are made against open calls, users or assets to prevent duplicate calls or incidents being logged.


Knowledge management

Sharing knowledge amongst staff is essential in any organisation; it, provides staff with the resource needed to perform roles efficiently and effectively. Comms-care’s Service Desk allows all knowledge relating to a customers’ incident to be distributed to the required teams effectively. Distributing this knowledge around incidents allows the relevant customer contact to decide who has the required knowledge to assist field engineers on site with any additional technical information essential to successfully completing the fault call. 


Raising an incident
Comms-care’s Service Desk is there to provide your customers with the highest levels of productivity and incident resolutions. New incidents can be raised via the Comms-care Service Desk . by a customer or reseller engineer, the Service Desk also allows the addition of files or screenshots to be associated with a particular incident to assist in rectifying the fault. Once a call has been recorded with the Service Desk, engineers have the access to add extra notes to the call to aid further actions on the incident. Engineers have the access to update a call remotely and resolve them if the issues has been solved. All of these actions take place in a secure customer portal and update the Service Desk automatically so your customers can be sure they incidents are dealt with efficiently and securely. 


Service level management
The Comms-care Service Desk features dynamic Service Level Agreement (SLA) management capabilities and all .Iincidents, requests and engineer calls are recorded into a single secure portal allowing Comms-care Service Desk analysts to quickly search any recent or previous calls from specific customers. Comms-care’s Service Desk are on hand receive incident calls at any time of day or night to ensure that your customers are supported in the most efficient way possible, and that downtime is kept to a minimum. 


Key features include:


> Unlimited SLAs
> Nationwide network of field engineers
> User defined priorities
> Breached and near breach analysis with warnings via e-mail, pop up notify, colour coding, BlackBerry/PDA and mobile phone alerts





















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