Enterprise Archiving and Compliance Solution

Summary Overview: Accident Exchange

Industry: Automotive, Credit Hire, Accident Management, Insurance, Legal


  • Implement a fully redundant, horizontally scalable, simultaneous dual call recording capability, hosted on in house hypervisor;
  • Storing to fully compliant object based archival platform using REST protocol with retention and compliant deletion capabilities at file/object level using in house software and web service API,
  • Full file versioning capabilities, worm compliant, audit trail, indexing and search capabilities
  • Self-protecting at primary site and inbuilt replication to DR site eliminating the requirement for traditional backup cycles and technologies.
  • Non-disruptive upgrades, expansions and hardware migration capable (min 15 year life cycle).
  • Capable of multi-site ingestion and virtual tenancies..
  • Keyword audited discovery search across all permissible object data stores
  • Migrate previous vendor calls to new agnostic platform for discovery and retention compliance
  • Significantly reduce costly licence fees, support costs and remove completely legacy application fees

Solution: Integration of the following components

  • Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) – RAIN Architecture (Redundant Array Of Independent Nodes). Two 8 node clusters (One production and one DR location over 120 miles separation)connected via IP
  • HDS Index and search engine
  • HDS Federated Search System (Hitachi Data Discovery Service (HDDS).
  • Redbox Call Management Solution hosted on ESX VSphere
  • Integration with Avaya CM6 and AES server platform hosted on ESX Sphere
  • Customer on premise CRM integration for call tagging in progress and PCI compliance support

Benefits Achieved:

  • Significant cost reduction in both phone system costs, (no hardware refresh) license fees (maintenance and support costs reduced as simple continuation) and due to no tie in of recorder more competitive purchase position.
  • Removal of legacy vendor call recorder solution, no ongoing support for legacy recordings for retention and no further tie in. No ongoing backup requirements and release of storage targets and backup targets for call recordings (over 14 million).
  • New call recorder solution is not only much more competitively priced, but fully resilient, fully compliant and software only solution running on in house hypervisor. No future tie in as using archive object platform.
  • Archive platform requires no backup, completely self-protecting, self-replicating and abstracts application from final data object so no legacy application maintenance going forward.
  • Archive platform now stores all CRM data as well as voice and significantly reduces storage costs backup costs and enable instant DR capabilities without expensive SAN replication technologies.
  • TCO of majority of file storage is reduced and fully predicable and as auto retention/deletion process removes data as and when required growth is less dramatic.
  • Retention policies can now be set on not only data types but also importantly on individual files, triggered not by simply time rules but on actual CRM requirements driven by in house API calls on application status
  • We finally have the capability in house to be fully compliant with all data types whether worm requirements, version control, retention and most importantly we automate data removal/destruction by real removal not just deletion of pointers leaving orphaned files.
  • We can grant access to read only archive files over http self serve audit access and are not reliant of third party applications for data access.






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